Art Trail

I’m taking part in the Green Door Art Trail on the weekend of the 25th Sept. I’ll be exhibiting my work at a house in Kendal with another ┬ápainter and a photographer. I am going to help put up the work next Tuesday. Ray, whose house we will be exhibiting in, will take down all his paintings and ours will go up throughout the house. He doesn’t seem to mind if we make more holes in the walls, which is very generous of him. I will be exhibiting 25 paintings and there will also be several of my prints and cards there too. I hope we get lots of visitors!

Unfortunately it coincides with the AGM of Farfield Mill on the Saturday when I’m going to resign as a director. It will be partly on zoom, so I’m hoping to be able to hide away in a bedroom and listen in.

This is one of the paintings I’ll be exhibiting. It’s the scene that greets me from my studio.


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