Art Trail 2018

The Green Door Art Trail is coming up and again I’ll be exhibiting in The Athanaeum in Leasgill near Milnthorpe in Cumbria.  I had some wooden screens made last year to hang my small paintings but the screens only just fitted into the car. I keep meaning to get a local joiner to saw 6inches off the tops and I’d better get a move on as the trail takes place on the weekend of the 29th and 30th September.

Unfortunately, that’s the day of the launch of the Share Offer at Farfield Mill. We’re hoping it will be a busy weekend at the mill with lots of people wanting to buy shares so as many trustees, staff, resident artists etc need to be on hand as possible. I wont be able to be there but I will be back in time for the party for the ‘Great and Good’ (and wealthy!) of Sedbergh and district in the evening! We’ve got to raise £365,000 to keep the mill going. We’ve been promised £100,000 of matched funding so only need another £265,000!!

Here’s the Green Door  Art Trail flyer.


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