Autumn Exhibitions

My exhibition has come down now. The final weekend was busy because the mill was taking part in Open Heritage Weekend. It was also Meet the makers so I was there along with the other artists who are currently exhibiting. A patchwork artist who is coming to exhibit at Farfield Mill in the Spring came along with a huge bunch of gladioli for me so that was a treat to end my exhibition.

I then spent the next couple of days putting up the next exhibitions. One is by Re-View Textiles, a Wirral based textile collective and the other is by Access Art, a participatory project run by AccessArt which is a UK education charity which supports and inspires teaching and learning in the visual arts. The project aimed to inspire individuals of all ages and abilities to contribute a sewn drawing of their home towards a larger, collaborative artwork.

The resulting installation of over 700 3D models shows work by children next to that of accomplished artists and older generations. We are hoping to reach a wide audience to come and see this fantastic exhibition at Farfield Mill.

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