Bollington Adventure.

I decided it was time to go out painting in the hills again yesterday so I went to Bollington where I have some favourite painting spots. I visited my friends Rosie and Chris first thing for tea and pastries and I was pleased to see the weather was dry, we could even see some blue sky at times! As I left, the sky turned  grey and by the time I got settled on a hill overlooking a valley, there was a violent storm, lightening, hail, the lot!! As I didn’t fancy being blown away, I drove further down the hill and painted from the car.

It was so wet I couldn’t see  through the windscreen so I had to keep the wipers working and as it was rather bleak I had the radio on to keep me company . What I hadn’t realised was that I was running the car battery down and by the time I was ready to go it was totally flat! After a few moment’s of PANIC I phoned some friends who also live in Bollington and thank goodness they were at home, and they even own some jump leads – I didn’t know anyone still had those!! So, while Janet and I sat warm in the car, Keith got it started! They followed me till I reached a main road and off I went, very relieved.


Despite the rain I enjoyed painting up there. Here is one of my studies.

Winter Hills

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