Box Trees

Over 20 years ago, Graham designed and planted our garden using Box trees to create an interesting structure with plants and flowers in between. Over the years the box have become huge and some of them are higher than our 7ft fence. They have been pushing out some of the other plants and they should have been pruned more often but we needed ladders to reach up to them. So, we haven’t done it very often!

We wont have to bother now though, because the box caterpillar has been eating its way up the country. It has now reached Manchester and is gradually decimating all our box trees. There is no cure or predator so we will just have to sit back and wait and watch.

I’ve done several paintings of the garden over the years and am now making sure that I have a good record of it by painting more!

This is the latest that I did when the Ceanothus was in full bloom.

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