Bright Blue Pastel Paper

It’s been lovely in Sedbergh recently, especially when the weather’s been so good. There’s an outdoor market each Wednesday and although its very small, it means Graham can shop easily. We’re still getting most of our shopping online so it’s a treat to be able to pick and choose. We also went into Kendal and met some friends for a short, socially distanced cup of coffee!! There’s an art shop there called Youdells. It’s not very big but seems to stock far more than most art shops. I brought some fabulous coloured papers for using with my pastels and also lots of new, soft pastels. There were so many different colours and I couldn’t resist them. When I got home I used one of the bright blue papers and did this pastel.

I’m finding it difficult to take photos of my pastels in my studio as they are too big to scan so I  take them to be photographed by a professional photographer. When I take photos of them, they always seem to come out rather dark. Maybe, I should try taking them in daylight.




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