Cass Arts

The exhibition at Cass Arts, an art and materials shop in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, is on and looks great. It is an exhibition of work by Friends of the Whitworth and I was given the job of organising it. 18 people were keen to exhibit and I had to accept everyone, even though I had no idea what type of work they did! I was quite nervous when unpacking it all but was relieved to see that it was of a good quality. There was a great variety including pastels (of mine)  as well as watercolours, linoprints, sculpture and oil paintings. It took a friend and me all day to put it up but we were pleased with the result and so were the artists when they came to the opening.

The Showcase at The Whitworth the previous week had been a great success. There’s an exhibition about John Ruskin in the gallery at the moment and the Director of The Whitworth is a great fan of his. So Graham had written a short play about Ruskin which was to be performed by 3 people wearing different hats for different characters. Graham was rather nervous on the night as the play was a comedy and rather irreverent. However, it went down very well and the Director said it was the highlight of the night!!

Here’s the flyer for Cass Arts.

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