Christmas 2015

Fortunately our river at Farfield Mill hasn’t flooded though there have been some worrying moments! We were away in London for two days at the beginning of the week at a friend’s birthday party so we missed another of the storms. Our neighbour sent us this photo taken from our fence!  There’s another couple of feet to go before it reaches the top so I hope Storm Eva isn’t as bad as is feared.

We had a free day in London so we visited the Peter Lanyon exhibition at The Courtauld and then Giacometti’s portraits at the National Portrait Gallery. It was good to be in London just before Christmas, though I was disappointed with the lights on the tree in Trafalgar Square.

It’s been a good Christmas with parties on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. We have family ‘dos’ tomorrow and Monday and then will be missing the annual New Year’s Eve party but spending it, instead, with a friend in Cumbria. I hope the rain stops so we can get out for some walks. It would be good to see some Winter sun.

This was the River Clough outside our door on Tues. 22nd.


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