Christmas Greetings 2022

One of the highlights of this Christmas, apart from spending time with family, will be seeing my special friend Sue. She now lives in Whitstable so we don’t meet very often but this Thursday is her 70th birthday and she and David are staying in a cottage near Buxton and I’m going to go and see them on the day. We always used to spend her birthday together as it’s the time in between Christmas and New Year when things quieten down but we haven’t managed to see each other on the actual day for several years. So this will be a real treat.

We were hoping to go for a walk but judging by the awful weather we might just have to sit in a cafe, drinking coffee! The weather all over Christmas has been grim but I’ve been looking through photos of the spring and reminding myself that it wont be long till bulbs start appearing.

Here’s one of my pantings of snowdrops in Harlow Carr gardens in January. Cant wait!!

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