Conservatory Cactus

Sadly our wonderful, tall cactus has died. It was tucked in a corner and I think we neglected it. I did this painting in my sketch book nearly 20 years ago and it grew to 4ft. There’s been another demise in the conservatory and that is our Weeping Fig. It had been a gift from students and must have been even older. So, we have more space now in the conservatory for the lemon trees which are getting very large. It’s nearly time for them to go in the garden but they are very heavy as they’re in large pots. The student lads next door come in useful as they help to carry them out!!

The seedlings are finally germinating (hopefully the tomatoes wont be as leggy as these!) after a very slow season and other plants in the garden are pushing through and coming to life. The Magnolia tree and Camelias are looking glorious.

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