Dreaming through the Lockdown Glass

I’ve been continuing my pen and ink drawings of my garden and as it’s not rained for weeks, I’ve been out there every day. When I’m not drawing, I’m gardening here or on the allotment. It’s really kept us both sane.

I recently heard that a publisher is producing a book called ‘Dreaming through the Lockdown Glass’ featuring work by artists in Cumbria. The idea is to capture this unique moment in history to show how artists have responded and how their work has changed. The book will be sold in aid of the NHS and various Cumbrian art groups and there may also be an exhibition of all the work later on. These pen and ink drawings show how my work has changed and I know I will be developing them over time.

I belong to The Green Door Art group, which is based in Kendal. They are a very active group and are currently organising an on-line exhibition as there wont be any actual exhibitions for quite some time. I’ve submitted some work for that, but not my pen and inks.

This drawing shows some of our topiary and the Irises growing out of the pond. They now have lovely yellow flowers.

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