We had a good Easter with lots of sunshine and Easter eggs. We visited Graham’s sister on Good Friday as our nephew, Mark, and his family were there. I felt sorry for Megan, aged five, as she had been stung by some stinging nettles and we hadn’t got anything to ease the stinging. She was very brave, though, and some Easter eggs seemed to help!

On Tuesday I visited a friend who has recently moved to Llandudno. It was lovely to be beside the sea and on Wednesday we visited Bodnant Gardens. It looked spectacular as there were lots of azaleas blooming as well as beds of tulips and peonies. There has been a lot of development since I last visited and they now have a huge car park and an underpass which makes crossing the busy road much easier. There is also a new craft and gift shop which we weren’t that impressed with!! Unfortunately it felt a bit like beingĀ in Ikea as you were supposed to follow a certain route. If you were like us, and didn’t follow the designated route, you wandered around aimlessly trying to find the exit!!

This is a painting of some miniature tulips that were on our ‘Nature table’ in our garden. Not quite as exotic as those in Bodnant but still beautiful.


Mini tulips

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