Farfield Mill

Farfield Mill is open now but only for Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the moment. If numbers of visitors build up then it may open for Thursday as well but I don’t think it will be back to seven days a week before the end of the year! It is free to enter and is very safe as there is sanitiser etc everywhere. The cafe is also open but with fewer tables.

Some of us directors/volunteers took advantage of it being closed to spruce it up. I painted the front doors grey, which is a great improvement on the previous dark red, and some of the inside walls white. We are hoping lots of visitors will come to the Yorkshire Dales soon. It needs to make up for all the weeks of Lockdown which were, generally, its busiest time of year!

At the entrance to the mill is a patch of ground which I’ve never really looked at much before but at the moment it is covered in beautiful Yellow Loosestrife, or Lysimachia punctata to the serious gardeners. Also pink Loosestrife which, I think are classed as weeds but look very pretty en masse.┬áIt makes a lovely entrance and in the evening they shine out just as the sun is going down and the light is getting dim.

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