Farfield Mill

At last we have signed the contract to buy our place in the country. For those of you who don’t know, we are buying a 2 bed ‘unit’ in a mill in Cumbria. It’s much better than it sounds! It’s been completely restored with fully fitted kitchen, bathroom, underfloor heating, wood burning stove etc and doesn’t need anything doing to it (just as well for us) and the added attraction is a huge studio which overlooks the rushing River Clough which used to feed Farfield Mill.

The main mill is now an Arts and Heritage centre and so we have had to show that I will use the studio for my art work and so will be contributing to the industrial nature of the site and be contributing to the area. This is what has held us up because it’s in the Yorkshire Dales National Park and they had to approve us! They didn’t rush!! It’s been a long wait but we never had a moment’s doubt that we wanted to go through with it.

The following photos show our house and the view from our patio. It’s beautiful.



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