Fletcher Moss Gardens.

Recently back from a weekend in London. We stayed in a Hall of Residence in Trafalgar Square so it was easy to get to exhibitions and theatres. After that I spent a few days with my Mum and visited a lovely RHS garden called Hyde Hall near Chelmsford. So, I am inspired and happy to be back at my drawing board again. I also want to paint outside as much as possible before the Winter comes. I have enjoyed painting in Fletcher Moss Gardens and the allotments in Didsbury this Summer and want to do some more.

The next showing of my work is during the Didsbury Festival. I will be hanging some work on the railings by the cafe in Fletcher Moss Gardens. I’m still not sure how I’m going to fix my paintings and where to put things. There’s not much room. I don’t think I’ll really know until the day as I don’t know which section of the railings I will be on!  I am just going to show canvases, prints and cards as it will be too difficult keeping my framed paintings clean and protected. I am going to get some of my paintings from Fletcher Moss printed. I hope it doesn’t rain!

Here’s one of the paintings I’ve painted sitting in the Fletcher Moss Rockeries.

Fletcher Moss Rockeries

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