The Green Door artists group which I belong to is celebrating it 25th anniversary this year. They had all sorts of celebrations organised but then Covid got in the way! So, they asked all the members to post a sketch on Instagram and/or twitter every day for 25 days throughout August.

I had already done this for 15 days at the beginning of Lockdown so wasn’t too keen at first. However, August 8th would have been my Mum’s 100th birthday so I decided to post a drawing of the riverbank outside my studio to commemorate it. This resulted in me painting several different views of the riverbank in various media. I found an old sketch book that I hadn’t used before, of Indian hand made paper. I used pen and ink as well as watercolour and enjoyed the effects it made. When I can get to the art shops again, I intend to buy some larger sheets of hand made paper.


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