My sister and brother in Law came to stay with us in Sedbergh over the Easter Holiday. The weather was lovely so we went on several trips. One of them was to Low Sizergh Barn to see my pastel on the wall of the cafe. There were supposed to be two but just as I was about to take them along, I was contacted by a woman in the USA who wanted to buy one of them! I didn’t want to lose a sale so I only submitted one!

I was rather ┬áconcerned about it reaching her in one piece as it was already framed and it was a birthday present for her husband, so I asked my framer at ‘Frames’ in Didsbury to pack it for me. He always packs my paintings that need to be sent as he has loads of packing materials left over from deliveries. He did a wonderful job and it arrived in one piece!!

This is it!

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