Exhibition in Sale

Had a great time at the Preview of my exhibition. I was nervous, at first, but once all my friends started to arrive I began to enjoy it. It was very crowded and several people are going to return for a better look! I was particularly thrilled because our friends from Spain turned up. I had no idea they were coming so it was a fantastic surprise. Gordon (who organised the exhibition) and I had both sent them invitations and then Graham emailed them about the ‘do’ we were having back at our house after the Preview. So they booked the next flight over!!

Lots of people came back to our house and we had pies and pasties from Bolton. This has become a bit of a tradition at our parties and our guests would be disappointed if we gave them something else!

The exhibition continues for 10 days so I will be returning from time to time and meeting friends and family there. I hope the good weather continues as the garden is beautiful.

Paintings on display at the exhibition.

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