Lockdown again!

I’ve just re read the New Year post that I wrote on January 13th 2019. It says that fortunately 2020 seemed to be getting off to a better start (as 2019 ended with several mishaps!!) Little did I know!

So, we’re back in Lockdown again (a word I’d never used before!) and the best hope of coming out of it is if the vaccinations are successful. I had my 70th birthday in November and although I’m not too keen on being classed as vulnerable, at least it means I’ve jumped up the vaccination list!

One of the highlights for me at Christmas are all the lovely cards we receive and the lights in peoples’ houses and gardens. Sedbergh looks so pretty at Christmas time. It’s sad to be taking them down today.

December was very wet but the rain has stopped, thank goodness and the days are frosty and sunny. We even had snow at Christmas! There’s not much to do in the garden and allotment so the best thing to do is go for walks.

The topiary in our garden looked lovely in the snow, so I had to do a quick watercolour of it before it thawed completely .

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