Low Sizergh Barn

I’ve been asked to submit two paintings for an exhibition in the gallery at Low Sizergh Barn. This is a working, organic, dairy farm near Kendal which has a cafe, farm shop and walking trail.

There is also a community-owned business there called Growing Well which produces up to a tonne of fruit and vegetables a week at the height of the growing season. The team is made up of volunteers and students and supports people with mental health problems. They grow over 60 varieties of fruit and vegetables and it was featured recently on one of the Hairy Byker’s cookery programmes.

I visit often and contribute to Growing Well,  so I was very pleased to have both of my paintings accepted for the exhibition. It opens on April 8th and is on until June 3rd.

The title is ‘Working Landscape’ which suited me perfectly. This is one of the pastels that will be on show.

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