It’s been a busy month as I’m preparing to take part in three exhibitions, all taking place in April. One is at The Whitworth Gallery as part of the Friends of The Whitworth’s Showcase on April 11th, another is in Grasmere in Cumbria and the last one is at Cass Arts in the Northern Quarter in Manchester. I want to show some of my latest pastels in all the exhibitions but had to record them before having them framed.  I couldn’t scan them but I’ve now found a very good photographer who has taken photos of them for me. So I now have a record of them and can produce prints from them, if I wish.

The exhibition in Grasmere starts next week and so Graham and I have decided to stay there for a couple of days so we can deliver the paintings and go to the preview the following evening. This pastel was featured today on the Cumbria page of BBC News. It was very exciting to see it there. It’s called Moonlight.

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