New Year 2020

We had a chaotic end to last year. The glass door on our cooker smashed ( it wasn’t on and no-one was near it!!) a few days before Christmas. Last year the oven broke down completely and we had to cook the turkey at a friend’s house. Luckily, this year we managed to get it fixed and could cook the turkey at home! Then the TV aerial fell off the roof so we had no picture and a branch fell off a tree and smashed the back window of our car. We have water coming through the ceiling of my studio and we’re waiting for the roofer to come back and we are currently having a new conservatory built because the wood of the old one has rotted!! Fortunately 2020 seems to be getting off to a better start!!

However, I had some interesting commissions last year. One was for a neighbour who wanted a painting of his wife and their dog on their favourite walk across the hills from our place in Sedbergh. I did two! This one is looking up the river towards Farfield Mill and you can just see our place behind the red bush on the left.

Happy New Year everyone.

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