New York paintings

When I was a tutor at Stockport College, I used to take my textile students to New York every year for 14 years to exhibit their work in an annual textile exhibition.  I got to know the city very well and took lots of photos and painted several paintings there.

Many of these paintings of New York have been on the walls of a cafe in Stockport. I met the manager of the cafe, called Rhode Island Coffee, at a friend’s 30th birthday party 11 years ago! They fitted the theme of the cafe and have been very popular. I replaced them with prints as the originals sold.

The cafe is currently being renovated and so I took my paintings down and I’ve decided it’s time to exhibit  them somewhere else. I am now planning to put some of the originals up in a local jewellers in Sedbergh.

This one is from the top of the Rainbow Room showing the Hudson River in the distance.

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