Out of the Earth

I’ve had two paintings accepted for this exhibition at Farfield Mill in April. One is ‘Misty Morning’, which I showed on my blog last month and the other is ‘Spring Garden’. I painted this after I’d visited RHS ¬†Harlow Carr near Harrogate. It was early February and yet, the garden looked beautiful with swathes of snowdrops and crocuses. The Cornus looked particularly impressive with their red, purple and yellow stems. ¬†After I returned home, I told Graham how beautiful the Cornus looked so he bought one. It is very attractive during the Winter with bright orange stems but it is a bit of a thug in a medium sized garden! I have to chop it down to the ground each spring but it still sends out runners and pushes other plants out. I don’t want to dig it up but I may have to!!


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