My exhibition at The Parsonage in Didsbury finishes on Sunday. It’s been going well and has been very popular. Our Opening was very busy. There was another opening in the adjoining gallery. They provided wine and we had tea, coffee, sandwiches and cakes. Our visitors were drinking their wine and their visitors were eating our cakes, so, it was a good ‘do’. We also had a ‘Meet the Artists’ event on another Sunday. A friend of mine travelled up from Whitstable to be there on this day. I hadn’t seen her for nearly a year so it was lovely to have her there and a good chance for her to meet some of my other friends too.

I was pleased with how my new pastel drawings looked. I’ve done another one since the exhibition and am now going to go bigger. I treated myself to some large, bright paper and some more gorgeous pastels at Cass Arts in Manchester yesterday and I’m looking forward to doing some more.

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