It’s been such a miserable month that I have only been to the allotment once and that was for a quick visit to prune a few of the Autumn Raspberries. I managed to get into the garden the other day but was depressed to see soggy leaves everywhere. I obviously didn’t clear as many away last Autumn as I usually do. I was going to prune the Fuchsias but then heard there’s a very cold spell coming so thought I’d better leave them. I hope it snows again so I can do some more painting of snow on the fields and hills.

Our gardening friend Hazel gave us a Hydrangea Paniculata (to give its full name) a couple of years ago but I don’t know how to prune it. I’m confident pruning the large blousey ones but this one’s more delicate. I’ll have to ask her to help me. It was so beautiful last year that I painted it and it’s a reminder of lovely seasons to come.

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