I’ll soon be exhibiting work with other artists from the Green Door Studios. The exhibition is at Farfield Mill and opens on Wed. July 10th. As I’ve put up lots of exhibitions at the mill over the last couple of years, I offered to curate this one as it will save the group from having to pay someone!! Hopefully other artists from the group will be helping.

Tire’s always a theme for Green Door’s major exhibitions and this one is Roots!! I wasn’t thrilled with the theme as I want to exhibit some of my new pastels. A friend of mine then commented that you can interpret the word in many ways, such as “where my roots now lie” as well as roots underground that are supporting plants and trees. This made it easier for me to choose suitable paintings to be selected. However, the perk of the person organising the exhibition is that their work will definitely be shown!!

This is one of the pastels, it’s called ‘Wildflower Meadow’.


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