Sheepfest 2015

It’s been a busy week in Sedbergh as it was Sheepfest for the second year running and it lasted for 10 days this time. Graham and I made a sheep each and they stood outside our front door. Graham’s was Jeremy Corbyn – very timely and a great talking point – and mine was David Hockney. Lots of people were following the sheep trail so we had a steady stream of visitors to our door. Graham stoically sat there for most of the week and directed them to my studio (I need some signs!) I enjoyed meeting more of the locals, including several farmers who were pointing out the fields in my paintings which were theirs!

On the opening Saturday a flock of real sheep was herded down the main street. There was much hilarity as someone opened the door of the library and they all dashed in! Apparently, if they see their reflections in the windows they try to follow them!

Here are the sheep, real and not so real



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