Sheepfest again

It’s Sheepfest this weekend and Graham and I are just finishing off our sheep. This year the subject is Book titles as Sedbergh is a book town. Graham and I wanted to continue our themes from last year when I made David Hockney and Graham made Jeremy Corbyn.

I have made Van Gogh so my book is a ‘How to’ book, in this case ‘How to paint sunflowers!’ Graham has made Donald Trump!! He couldn’t resist it. I believe he has written a book about how to succeed in business!! As usual we took advantage of friends who were visiting to help us. David, from Phoenix did a wonderful job building up Donald with masking tape and bubblewrap and has gone home inspired to make some sheep to sit on his back step in the desert!! Hazel, is an expert needle woman and sewed some of the fiddly bits for Vincent.
And I am using a painting our niece Megan painted of sunflowers, for the cover of the book Vincent will be holding. Here it is.


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