Zrece in Slovenia is twinned with Sedbergh and a group of ten artists came to visit recently. I joined them one day in the local community hall for a day’s painting. They were a very friendly, jolly crowd but only four of them seemed to be interested in painting. I think the others had just come along for the ride and spent most of the day chatting and drinking! October’s been glorious with lots of sunshine but the week they were here seemed to rain a lot. However, it didn’t spoil their trip and they were very surprised by how friendly the English are. They said they get a very different impression of us when seeing us in films!

Yesterday I went to the last day of a wonderful Winifred Nicholson exhibition at Abbot Hall Gallery in Kendal. It was mostly of her paintings when she was living in Cumbria. She loved painting flowers and several of the paintings on show were of vases of flowers on her windowsill with Cumbrian hills in the distance. A subject I love.

I visited a garden near Kendal recently which was open for charity. The garden was beautiful and I was inspired to paint it showing the Cumbrian hills in the distance.
Garden view

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