We’ve had our place in Sedbergh for nearly four years now and hardly seen any snow but it’s making up for it this year! I’ve been keen to do some snow paintings and so have been having some good walks, all wrapped up and taking photos to work from. There are lots of hills round here, of course, and it’s been great seeing people tobogganing and having fun. It’s not been too good for visitor numbers to the mill, however.

We had a good trip on Friday (before the snow came) to Liverpool to see the John Piper exhibition.  We then visited the Walker Gallery (our favourite) and discovered the Singh Twins exhibition. The subject matter was challenging at times, as it looked back to times of the Raj and exploitation in the textile trade but the twins who are from Liverpool, employ traditional techniques used in Indian miniature painting to produce vibrant, exquisitely-detailed paintings. We bumped into an old friend from Anglesey who we hadn’t seen for many years. She was also visiting both exhibitions. She used to be a textile designer like me and we both loved the Singh Twins exhibition as their painting of the Indian fabrics was glorious.

As if we need a reminder, here’s a snow painting I’m working on at the moment.

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