Stockport Art Gallery and War Memorial.

I visited this gallery  last week. I haven’t been for ages but I was interested in seeing an exhibition of an artist who was at Art College with some friends of mine.  I also wanted to support the Gallery as they have been through hard times recently with cuts and threats of closure. They now have a lively team who are working hard to keep it open as an Art Gallery and they are organising some great exhibitions. I may look into having an exhibition there myself one day.

Whilst in Stockport I visited Turners, the art shop. I saw some watercolours by a company called Pip Seymour. I hadn’t heard of them before but they looked very interesting with a lovely colour range. I think I’ll treat myself to some next time I visit.

I’ll be going to Stockport again soon because Rhode Island Coffee still continues to sell my paintings of New York and there are some spaces on the walls which I need to fill. This is one of the paintings I’ll be hanging.

JVC taxis

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