Strange Times

The world has changed since I last wrote. Graham and I are in isolation and Graham has been told he is to stay in until at least the end of July! This affects me, of course because I don’t want to bring infection into the house. Thank goodness the weather as been so wonderful. Our garden is benefiting and so is the allotment. I still go there as this is my main form of exercise (!!) and I am alone on my plot.

I decided at the beginning of Lockdown that I would do a drawing a day and post them on instagram. I continued this for 2 weeks but found that I was rushing them just so I could get them done and posted. So, I decided to do what I wanted to do and only post when I felt like it. Gradually I got involved with drawing different parts of our garden in pen and ink. They are quite detailed so I don’t want to rush them. I’m really enjoying it and have posted one of them here.

What I’m not enjoying is working with acrylics. This was another of my challenges.  I haven’t used it much over the years and I’m feeling happier with it now than I was but I don’t think it will ever replace watercolour or pastel for me.

This pen and ink drawing is of a rhododendron nearly in bloom, a camellia in bloom and of course ivy which is everywhere in our garden! You may just spot a clematis. We thought it had died but suddenly spotted it creeping up the Hydrangea. As it’s been so dry, its managed to get some height before the slugs get at it!!

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