The Howgills.

I’ve loved sitting in the fields around our mill in Cumbria and painting the hills. The countryside is looking beautiful now with all the trees changing colour. The sheep don’t take any notice of me, they just look up to check where I’m going and then get back to chomping the grass. Our neighbour was telling me that this is the first year that the farmer hasn’t put his cows in the field. I am relieved about that as I wouldn’t fancy sitting amongst them!! There was a bull in one of the fields near us a couple of weeks ago. He was sitting quietly with some cows and their calves. I was told that they are calm when sitting with their families! But I still wouldn’t fancy getting too near!

Some days, when I think it might rain, I have been doing some drawings in pen and ink. I have been enjoying using this medium for a change and it is less to carry!!

This is one of them.

Ink Howgills

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