The Old Parsonage

There are just two days left of my exhibition at this gallery in Didsbury. It’s been a great success and I’ll be sorry when I have to take the paintings down.

The opening was very busy, about 200 people came, and I really enjoyed it. I was chuffed that so many of my friends turned up. I had been disappointed at first that it had to be on a Sat. afternoon, rather than the usual Fri. evening, but we had tea and cupcakes as well as pink fizz and it was a lovely day so people could also walk in the gardens.

It’s a popular place to visit so I’ve enjoyed being at the gallery on several days since it opened.  My sister and brother-in-law came as well as several more friends, the youngest being Rhys who was  5 weeks old! I’m not sure he was that interested but you never know!


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