Veg Patch

It’s 2 months since I last posted a blog! You’d think that during Lockdown, I’d have nothing else to do! However, what with zooms and minutes to write for the various groups where I’m the secretary, time seems to go by.

We’ve got moths in our Sedbergh house so I’ve been squashing them in a vague attempt to get rid of them! I was standing on the bed and following one on the ceiling and forgot where I was. I went crashing to the floor and damaged my ribs.

So, I could only paint while sitting down and not moving too much! I had a sheet of vegetable drawings that I’d done for a Soup Book we produced several years ago and so decided to continue it. I really enjoyed painting it and thought it could make a good card. I included some tools so it might suit a card for men!

Here it is!

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