We’re beginning to get to know Sedbergh, the local town to our mill in Cumbria. There was a weekend event recently called Sheepfest when shops, cafes, businesses and local groups all made a sheep. They were displayed throughout the town and there was a sheep trail to help you find all their names. I found 80 out of over 100. It was great fun and they were very creative and witty. It gave us a good feeling about the community and we found places we didn’t know existed so it was a great way to find our way around.

Graham’s nephew, partner and their little girl, Alice, had been staying the week before. They were over from Australia. It was a pity they missed Sheepfest but we had some good walks in the countryside and I was relieved that the sun shone!

We are in Manchester at the moment but we are itching to get back as our neighbours say the Autumn colours are looking beautiful up there.

Cyclist sheepDSC04411

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